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Which birdhouses are there?

So many nice birdhouses, unfortunately not all suitable for habitation of birds, but even more fun as decoration in your garden.
Please note that bird houses, even if they are made of wood, may eventually weather. If you place them under a canopy, you will enjoy it for longer!

When we talk about birdhouses, it means both a feed house and a nest house.
A feeder house is a covered feeding place for birds. The bottom is often a wooden plate on which the food is placed. The birds are then free to fly in and out because it is not a closed house. If the feed section is not covered, we call it a feeding table.

The birds can breed at a nest house. Everything is closed with only 1 opening for the bird, so that the little ones are safe. If there has been a nest in it, it thoroughly cleans insects and nesting materials. Then chances are that next year there may be another litter in it!

How do you attach a birdhouse?

A birdhouse can be attached in different ways. Often it is hung on the wall or fence, it can also be on a tree or stick. In the latter case, the house is free and safe and the bird has the option of several approach options.
The birdhouse must be protected so that no enemies of the birds can come close. High on a wall or hook in the tree, as long as there is no opportunity for other animal species.
But if you buy a birdhouse just for fun, it doesn’t really matter where you hang them. Please note …. a roof guarantees a longer lifespan.
The bird houses that you can find in the shop are actually meant for decoration. But that does not prevent a bird from nesting in it!