Cast iron products

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Linterieur has beautiful articles made of cast iron and ordinary ironware.
All items can also be used indoors, it does not really matter, every item has its appeal.

What is cast iron?

Cast iron is raw iron that has been cast in the form of manganese, carbon and silicon. Due to the roughness of the surface, the cast iron is clearly visible.
It also lasts a long time and is weather resistant.
Most of the articles are from Esschert Design. This company stands for centuries of craftsmanship and tradition. Many items are hand-poured.

Different Applications

The articles can be used both decoratively and functionally.
Overall, Linterieur has more functional cast iron items, such as beautiful hooks and door knockers.

How do I clean the cast iron?

You can simply clean cast iron with water. This is best done in warm and dry weather, so it dries quickly and prevents oxidation.
Most items have already been oxidized to highlight the beautiful, rusty and rural appeal. If you do not want this, polish it with fine steel wool and oil it with sewing machine oil. You can also spray a coat of paint on it or apply anti-rust paint on it.
If it is oxidized and you want to restore it to its original state, do the following.
If you want to keep it in this condition, it is recommended that you insert or cover the items in autumn and winter.

Advantage of cast iron?

Cast iron is very corrosion resistant and has a high wear resistance. On untreated cast iron, only one layer of rust forms.