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Easter is not just a Christian holiday, but also the beginning of spring and the birth of new life and lots of rabbits, rabbits, chickens and eggs.

The Christmas balls are exchanged for Easter eggs and the colors red and green make way for the fresh breeze of spring such as green, yellow and pastel shades.
Just like we talk about Christmas dinner at Christmas, we are talking about Easter brunch.
Then we immediately think of a richly filled table with lots of light colors and boiled eggs.
But of course there is also the famous Easter branch, which we can richly decorate.


Place some colored eggs with different decorations in a bell jar, simple and not messy.
If you have no inspiration to decorate the Easter branch, look at the small accessories in this section. There will definitely be something for you. Do you want it simpler? Then hang up an Easter wreath and put down some Easter decorations or simply use ribbon in the colors of Easter by tying it around a vase or lantern.

Egg coloring in an old-fashioned and simple way?

Take the brown peel off the onion and cook it with the eggs. The result: a range of red-brown colors.
No searching for the right colors, just grabbing what is available in the kitchen and onions are always there.
If you want more decoration on the egg, you can do that with green leaves or flowers, from herbs or just a plant. Cut an old tights piece and put the greenery together with the egg in it. Make sure that the green is pressed against the egg. After the cooking process, drain slowly and let the eggs cool. Remove the net with the greenery and voila … a decorated egg!