Hanger and hooks

Need hangers and hooks?

Nice to use all these hangers and hooks and for many purposes.
Linterieur has functional and decorative hooks and hangers.


With the functional hooks you can think of the cast iron hooks that look nice and cool and can be used both outside and inside.
The hooks are actually coat racks for a jacket, belt, keys, a bunch of lavender or other accessories.

Decorative hangers are in particular the hearts, the wooden hangers, welcome signs of metal or wood and the other items in the shop.
Hangers and hooks for everyone in a romantic, stylish or cute version. In the form of animals, with houses or text, you name it there is something for everyone.
The cast iron hooks have been purchased from Esschert Design, which stands for traditional craftsmanship and Nowi design. You can easily hang a lantern or something else heavy on it.
The fabric hangers are always suitable for a children’s room and the hearts because they are so sweet and can always be given as a gift.

Simple or elegant, in wood or iron, fabric, reed or straw, you can not imagine it, enough variety in the shop. Cast iron hooks almost all have the same color, so you can hang different outside together on the wall, for wreaths, decoration or tools.
And of course also nice prizes to give someone a hanger or hook as a gift. Maybe for an animal lover or just as an eye catcher.


The ceramic hooks can also be used for the large wooden text signs.
These hooks can simply be attached to the wall, if you are handy it is nice to attach a piece of scaffolding wood to the wall and to put the ceramic hooks on it.
Having trouble attaching a wreath to the door? With a simple wreath hook on the door you don’t have to hit the nail or work with wire or rope.


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