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For many, Christmas is a time of fun, party and excitement!
When Christmas is coming, we are looking hastily for more beautiful Christmas decorations, to get in the party mood. It’s time to make it even more comfortable at home, I also like to join in!

The Christmas items are taken out of the boxes and the house is richly decorated with accessories and of course lots of light and candles.
Especially the scented candles … I absolutely love it. I would prefer to light all and go through the scents, but no, I hold myself back: at Christmas it will be cinnamon ..or the apple cake smell.

Bridgewater always knows how to respond in a subtle way and, of course, in an entertaining way. The names of the scented candles alone make sure that you have them! The cinnamon scent is just part of Christmas and there are several of them, one spicier or heavier than the other.

Christmas decoration

We start with a door wreath and a nice welcome at the front door.
If you’re creative, the natural products in your environment can definitely used in the wreath and you have a unique wreath.
If you can not make a wreath yourself, read the Wreaths section
In addition to the normal wreaths, you will also find Christmas wreaths and Advent wreaths. And wreaths made by me, of course, only one, so that it remains unique.
The rest then complements with all kinds of beautiful Christmas accessories on the table, at the cupboard and in the Christmas tree. Light garlands are hung over mirrors or cupboards, lanterns are taken out of the closet, so that the living room is illuminated only with candles. woohoo …. I’m looking forward to it!
Generously fill the Christmas dinner at the table with lanterns, green branches and best dishes. And then enjoy being with people.
And without Christmas dinner, just enjoy the atmosphere on the couch with a plaid, a cup of tea, delicious scented candles and extra … a good movie!

Decoration outside too?

Yes, why not hang your lights in your garden around a bird house or a tree, maybe a few Christmas balls that can withstand the bad weather or other decorations and enjoy the view!