Label Home Society

Long Island Living has been around since 1993. The label collects inspiration from all over the world. Discoveries for beautiful interior accessories and fun ideas. That’s why Home Society for both at home and outside!


Home Society is inspired by the New England way of life and mixes rustic Scandinavia with contemporary design.
Together with the fragrance line of Bridgewater Candle Company, they form Joker Import which has now been given a new name Home Society!

Quote from Home Society:

“We are Home Society, your friendly importer specialized in home interior and fragrance items. Always up to date with the latest trends in” urban life “. HS likes to meet the customer and talk about the latest trends within interior design, and we can probably give some tips.We believe that small is beautiful and that independent stores really matter.

Let’s celebrate partnership and inspiration. Let’s move ahead together! ”

Bridgewater Candle Company, founded in 1998 in the United States, quickly became a leader in the candle market with a reputation for its clean burning candles, fully perfumed products and a passionate sales team.

The alphabet letters that Linterieur offers are supplemented with the letter J, the letter Q is not available.


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