Little statues

Little Statues fall under the term decorative home accessories and many variations come forward.


The statue can be made of wood, stone, polystone and, for example, iron. When describing the images, it is stated whether it is suitable for outdoors.
Linterieur has kept it in particular on smaller statues for indoors and the larger and heavy ones for outdoors.
So are you looking for statues to beautify your interior or your garden? Then you are at the right place.

If you want to give a statue to someone, a message is usually added. In particular, think of Buddhas if the person is slightly spiritual. Because you ought to get a Buddha, but buying one for yourself never hurts.
Angels are always welcome. These usually come with a symbolic meaning. For people who are in difficult times because they have lost a loved one by giving an angel for example, one can wish them strength. Or if things are not going well for a while, then a guardian angel can serve as support.
But also collectors of little angels. A gift with a figurine usually says more than words.

Buy a figurine for your own and do you like to use a lot of home accessories? Then see if the statue fits your style a bit or just looks nice in the interior. Here you will find something that suits you in terms of style and taste. Take a look at the supply section after there are enough variations.

Tip also for the statuettes and images.

Here too, apply, create a corner and put everything together in color, size and type in the room. This way it remains a calm whole. Putting things down everywhere can look messy, but that is entirely your own choice.

Anne and marie figurines
What is the subject at Annemarie?

“The beginnings of all time! The origins of nature’s fairies and spirits. They are the watchmen of trees and flowers and they remind us how important and precious nature is. Keep these spirits alive!”

Cozy little creatures in the form of little angels, fairies and fairies.
The statuettes are made of polystone or resin.
Polystone is made from crushed stone (including granite, marble, etc.) that is mixed with a liquid synthetic resin.
This creates a castable mixture that is poured into a rubber mold the figurine.
When the mixture has hardened, it is removed from the mold. The statue is sanded and polished. Then it is dyed by hand, dried and re-polished.
The result is hard and strong and feels like stone.

As a little girl, Annemarie molded the most beautiful figures of clay. At home and at school her talents were discovered and appreciated at an early stage, which gave Annemarie the opportunity to further develop her creative skills. Every clay creation is delivered in a unique packaging.


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