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Everything for outside

Nowadays, often outside living rooms and kitchens are created, why not? If the weather is nice we would like to have everything at hand. Under a shelter we make it cozy, nice and cozy to sit outside and of course that also includes nice accessories.
In fact, the garden (with shelter) is an extension of your living room. So what’s inside is also allowed outside.


Outside where the birds are whistling, Linterieur naturally has nice birdhouses. And enjoy the summer twilight evenings with windlights and candles.
Relax and enjoy the garden. Just like the living room, the garden can be decorated in your own style. Away from the flowers and plants that are present, we look further at the accessories. Nice hooks for decorative items to hang, or nostalgic garden tools that also looks nice. These days we attach great importance to our garden and rightly so, we hope to be able to spend part of the year here too when the sun’s rays finally come through well.

But the nicest items are the lanterns that give a * warm * feeling with a burning candle.

All in all a lot of nice things to think about. Ultimately, the garden is no longer the lawn around the back, as it used to be, but it has become an important place where we can relax with friends. That is what we think about when we talk about our garden.
Everything for outside really means everything. Cushions, plaids for cooler evenings, candles, lanterns, nice signs and for example cast iron products.


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