Photoframes and mirrors

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Of course you also need photo frames and / or mirrors for interior design.
Wall decoration largely determines the look of the room.
These can be photo frames, mirrors, clocks, paintings or text boards.

They give a personal touch to your room, photo frames are generally basic, but can be completely absorbed into the room by the choice of color and thus form a beautiful whole. The photo frames and mirrors in this shop have a calm color so that they are suitable for practically any interior. A photo of the family, your pet or loved ones will get a nice place in your living room.


Do you want a gallery of photo frames from different family members or friends? Then I advise you to pay attention to the big picture. Broadly speaking, this can be done in two ways.
Or the photo frames have to be viewed calmly and as a whole, then photo frames of the same color, material or appearance and orderly suspension are an advantage.
If you want to be more playful you can hang different models and colors together.


Mirror Mirror on the wall…..
just left out the bathroom where the mirror is really a must, why not mirrors in the living room?
These can optically enlarge the space..for smaller living rooms, still quite handy! Mirrors do not have to be hung on the wall, but can also stand on the floor. Smaller mirrors even on a table against the wall. With a small lantern with a candle in front which increases the optical weather.
To get a nice effect you can hang several smaller mirrors together in a playful way.
To keep the photo frames and mirrors clean, make a little soapy water just like for the windows, wash it and dry it with a clean, dry cloth.
The photo frames and mirrors are largely purchased from countryfield, Long Island Living, Gifts, sommerfield and Meander.