Scent burners

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Scent burners of many types, all of them glazed. This is important to know, because if these are not glazed, the wax melt will splash.
How do you clean an scent burner]
If you want to replace the wax melts, do the following:
light the candle in the scent burner, wait a moment and try to blow the piece out with your thumb. You can wipe away the leftovers with a piece of kitchen roll or cloth. Voilá .. you can put the new melts in it.

How’s the process going?

Below you can see the procedure:
You place a piece of wax melt in the burner. Light the candle.
On photo 2 you can see the wax melting slowly.
Photo 3 the wax is completely melted and everything starts to smell!
On the last photo the candle is out and the wax melt has solidified again.
It depends on how long you have left the candle lit, normally the wax melts will last for a while. If it smells differently and the paraffin is released, then it is time to add new ones.