Scented oils

At Linterieur you will mainly find scented candles, scented oil, wax bars and diffusers.
Tip for the scented candles:


· The scented candles are made of natural soy and thus ensure a long and clean burning process. If you light the wick, cut off a piece. This makes for a better burning and the candle lasts longer.
– Do not expose the candles to full sun, as smell and color may be reduced.
· All fragrances from the collection are based on natural fragrances.
– Of course: Never leave a burning candle unattended!
Tip for the fragrance oil:
· The fragrance oil is not only suitable for fragrance burners, but can also be used in electric air purifiers or electric odor evaporators / dispersers.
· You can enjoy both with just a few drops in the water. A bottle of scented oil lasts up to plus minus 80 hours!
· You can also rub potpourri with some scented oil. These are dried plant parts that can be used as air fresheners.


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