Scents and more

In addition to the scent, the candle also gives a cozy feeling, but it can also make you happy. Scents can unconsciously bring you back to a memory of the past and give you a great feeling.


There is a direct link between smell and the emotional part in your brain and because of this a scent can make you very happy. For example, baked bread or freshly cut flowers.

What scent evokes what emotion?

Scents that are soothing: lavender, chamomile, vanilla, peppermint, thyme and orange.
but vanilla also gives a warm and safe feeling.
Citrus: a happy feeling
Flowers: a calm, positive and romantic feeling.
Scents that give a cozy, cozy and sense of togetherness are: coffee, bread, herbs and freshly baked cookies
Fruit: energetic, stimulating feeling
Wood: gives a calm and relaxed feeling
Jasmine: a relaxed and calming feeling
Cinnamon: a warm, relaxed feeling
Mint: a refreshing feeling.

And even more so …. a scent can make you room or crack. A sophisticated statement, but true. If you come somewhere and it doesn’t smell good, you won’t be visiting again a second time. A room that smells wonderful will be visited more often because this is a feeling issue again, you will feel fine there.
In addition, it is often the case that people no longer smell their own scent so well, that is simply because the scent is stored in the brain in such a way that it is used to it. The simple tip is to vary the scents. For example, by using fresh, floral scents in spring or summer and the smell of cinnamon in winter.

What scents and in what form are they for sale here?

Fragrances in the form of fragrance oil, wax melts, wax bars, scented candles and drove diffusers.
The types of scents vary from fresh to heavy sweet. At bridgewater you will find a list of all Bridgewater fragrances.
Do you like cinnamon, fruity, fresh, soft sweet, heavy sweet, floral, woody or the familiar Christmas scent? They are all listed there.
In this section the scent speaks for itself such as, coffee, cinnamon, orange, vanilla or lavender.

A * fact *

There are even scents that people relate to a constellation.
Fire signs (ram, lion and archer)vanilla, cinnamon, lily, carnation and nutmeg.
Air signs (aquarius, scales and twins) freesia, honeysuckle, greenery, and orange blossom
Water signs (fish, lobster and scorpion) heliotrope, hyacinth, water lily, lily of the valley
Earth signs (virgin, ibex, and bull) cedar, sandalwood, tonka bean, orchid, jasmine and rose.