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Wooden or metal text signs in different sizes and types.

Wooden text signs

In different sizes and types. The material is made of wood or MDF (pressed wood). The plates must be hung under a canopy if you want to hang them outside to prevent weathering!

Metal text signs

Are you looking for a nice deco article with text? Then metal text signs are for you.
With a catchy spell you create a nice atmosphere at home. With this you show your own style or reference to something that you like. Something as simple as It’s so good to be home shows what you find important. Or for example a saying like a smile costs nothing but gives a lot to go into the day with extra motivation. But also other texts that can be inspiring.

In this webshop you will find metal text signs in different sizes.

A nice gift for him or her. Some texts are printed on the metal, others have a paper layer.
Make sure that if you hang it outside, the paper version is protected. It is more convenient to hang it under a canopy so that you can enjoy it for longer. The range has different sizes of metal text signs. Do you find it difficult to choose? You can also combine the metal plates by hanging them together so that you can create a shape as required. All metal text signs are provided with a mounting so that you can hang them with ease.

Linterieur has a wide range of fun and funny texts, mainly with English texts and also seasonal or room-oriented. In other words, nice texts for a workspace, or reception room or hall or at the front door, kitchen, Christmas, etc. For many pets, pets are an important family member, so also funny sayings about dogs and cats.
Each metal text board is available in just one size. In large and small sizes. A nice gift for him or her.

These text boards are made to hang in your home and are not suitable for outside.


Text boards do not always have to be hung, lean them against the wall on a cupboard or table. Also simply put on the floor with a nice candlestick or a wreath. This way you can easily replace and / or move it. It is also nice to hang several text boards together. Arrange it a bit by color or size so that it looks as a whole.