Windlights and candlesticks

Need windlights and candlesticks?

Windlights and candlesticks are really indispensable. A nice lantern with a candle is a real mood maker for both inside and outside the house. Small wind lights provide a cozy and cozy atmosphere on the table. The larger ones are very nice to put next to a cupboard or on a side table.


But you can also enjoy enjoying a summer evening in the garden with a nice windlight or candlestick. The range includes windlights of wood and metal with glass, candlesticks also in wood, stone, glass or metal. The poor silver ape also gives a super cozy light.
When using candles on candlesticks, it is certainly advisable not to use cheap candles. I am not saying that it always goes wrong, but with the cheaper candles it is possible that they do not burn out immediately. These usually go crooked or drip properly. Also, there is often no good burning, which means that the candle only goes up halfway or comes out with a black smoke. Exceptions confirm the rule, which is why I am 100% behind the bridge water scented candles because I know that they do not.


You can use the scent line of the bridge water scented candles by putting it in the matching glass in the spotlight. As a result, you keep the wind light clean and you do not have to remove the candle wax that may have been left behind.
If you use larger candles for the lantern: put a sheet of aluminum foil underneath. The dripping candle wax or any splashes are collected on it and saves a cleaning from the surface.

A fact:

Do you have an odorless candle or scented candle that is wide enough to put a wax melt in it, then you should definitely try it. Why? in large living rooms, the scent cannot always penetrate well everywhere, because the wax melts with the candle, the scent gets a boost, making it smell stronger and also extends the scent time.


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