Amber cubes

Please note: Tip:
Do not automatically assume that, for example, an amber block of wood smells the same at every company! Most of the cubes here come from the same supplier, so if you order again you will of course get the same scent. If it concerns a different supplier, it will be mentioned in the description.
Why? because the scents can vary enormously. 🙂

For optimal and long-lasting use, it is best to first use the amber block as a fragrance block.
When the odor diminishes, you can scrape some of it off so that it smells again. The scrapings can be used in the vacuum cleaner bag or in a scent burner.
Turning it on a few times a day is enough to spread the scent. Dimensions 4 x 4.5 x 2 cm and approximately 30 grams.

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