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How can home accessories be classified?
* functional home accessories
These are for example cushions and plaids, think of your own interior: can these be floral, plain, checked, circles or with stripes. And most importantly the color, which forms the basis of the interior.
* decorative home accessories
Such as paintings, vases, lamps, etc.



Do you like to use many home accessories? Put these together a little by size and by color together and create corners in the living room. This way it remains a calm whole. Hanging or putting something down everywhere can look messy..but that is of course entirely your choice!
By providing the basis of the interior with calm colors (for example natural tones) you can pimp the atmosphere with differently colored accessories. Take, for example, the sand colors as a basis and accentuate them with aqua colors that come back in cushions, plaids and other accessories. If you are tired of this, you can change the aqua colors to pink, green, blue, etc. In this way, the large whole remains calm in terms of atmosphere and the colors of the accessories are the eye catcher.
Occasionally you can go ahead with buying home accessories , but the fact is..less is more!

You know about colors!

Blue (stands for winter): combine with sand tones, because a lot of blue can feel * cold *.
Red: also combine with sand tones, red gives a warm atmosphere.
Green (stands for spring): gives peace and relaxation.
Yellow (stands for summer) gives energy and pleasure.
Orange radiates warmth and enthusiasm.
Pink exudes playfulness and enthusiasm, often a feminine color.
Gray is generally seen as dull, but anthracite as luxury, but gives a refined, neutral color.
Brown is the masculine color and exudes neutrality and confidence.
Purple is associated with luxury, wisdom and spirituality.
White and black are in fact no colors … but white exudes purity and purity, while black exudes the mystical and elegance.
This is my personal interpretation of colors …


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