Tips for scented candles

• Made from natural soy, long and clean combustion
• Cut a piece off the wick, ensures longer duration
• Never leave a lit candle unattended!
• Do not place a candle in full sun, scent and color may decline
• Use the accompanying glass so that the candle does not run out, so it can burn for up to 15 hours

Tips for wax bars

• half a block is sufficient for the entire evening.
Because a candle is regularly switched on and off, the burning period will last longer.
This will cause the wax to melt and burn less quickly.
· The wax bars are supplied in a resealable package and weigh approximately 73 grams.
Burn time of these wax bars is plus minus 100 hours.

Fragrance oil

The fragrance oil is not only suitable for the fragrance burners, but it can also be used in electric air cleaners
or the electric odor evaporators / dispersers.
· You can enjoy both with just a few drops in the water.
A bottle of fragrance oil lasts up to plus minus 80 hours!
· You can also do a little fragrance oil on potpourri.
These are dried plant parts that can be used as an air freshener.


· The reed diffusers last 1 to 2 months.
· If the strength of the scent diminishes over time you can go for this
the fragrance oil by dropping a few drops on the stick.
A diffuser is the safest form of diffusion because it does not involve heat.
Turn the sticks regularly in the liquid.
Content of the diffuser is 120 ml.

Fragrance burners

are used for wax bars and fragrance oil .

Using a scent burner
First, do a piece of the wax bar on the scent burner (photo 1). Then you light the tea light (photo 2).
As soon as the wax melt starts to melt, the scent will slowly spread (photo 3).
If you blow out the candle, the wax will slowly solidify again (photo 4)

After a few minutes you will smell the scent.
However, you can also do this with fragrance oil . Fill the scent burner a little with water and add a few drops of scent oil.
Then light the tea light.
As soon as the water becomes warm, the odor will spread. The disadvantage of fragrance oil is that the water will evaporate completely.
Keep an eye on the odor burner so that it does not burn without liquid.
Just top up with a little more water and put in a few more drops of fragrance oil.

To use a wax melt no water is needed, because only the odor evaporates, not the wax / wax.
If the odor diminishes, you can add another block. The use of wax bars is therefore safer as a fragrance oil.

How do I clean the odor burner?

Light the tea light for a moment, until the wax releases from the scent burner,
You can immediately recognize this because the edge of the clot becomes fluid. Push the wax out with your fingers.
You can clean it with a dry cloth.
The advice is not to do this with water.
Some parts with odor burners cannot be fully glazed and can therefore absorb water.
When burning the wax, there is a risk that they will splash if they melt.
The scent burners that you buy at Linterieur are all glazed!

Bridgewater stands for quality! All scents are based on scents from nature.
By processing 2 wicks the candle burns up gradually, no deep circles are formed that are customary with less qualitative candles.