Which scent evokes which emotion?

General tips for all scented items that are heated:
– Never leave a lit candle unattended!
– Do not put a candle/wax melt/ amber block in full sun, scent and color may recede. Amber cubes contain a lot of oil; this can drip in the sun.
– Place the candle or scented burner in a good place, away from drafts and on a heat-resistant surface.
– Important: A cheap waxine light cannot handle the distance that is with some scented burners. If the bowl of the fragrance burner is a lot higher than the flame, it just won’t pull it and the wax melt won’t melt.
– With metal scented burners, you need to consider the burn time of the candle. If it burns for longer than 4 hours, the wax melt may start to burn into the metal. As a precaution, do not use the fragrance burner for more than 4 hours.
– Do you use our scented burners and wax melts from cheaper brands? Again, you will find that the composition of the wax will not be good and the wax will either not melt or smell good. I speak purely from experience here and mention this because I stand 100% percent behind the collections of wax melts sold in Linterieur.

General info for fragrance items:
Candles and wax melts are made of soy wax, for a long and clean burn.

Tips for scented candles
– Cut a piece of the wick, makes for longer duration
– To prevent soot formation it is important to keep the wick short, if the wick gets a hat then it is time to cut the piece off.
– For bridgewater and greenleaf votives: use the accompanying glass, so the candle does not run out, therefore it can burn up to 15 hours

Goose creek jars:
– The large jars (jars) contain the most fragrance oil and therefore give off the most fragrance.
The larger the pole* becomes the more fragrance the candle gives off. Therefore, never use a large scented candle for a moment, but for a few hours. With a short burn, the candle cannot pool, which means that the candle does not melt all the way to the edge of the glass. The opposite will happen, namely tunneling*, which means that the candle does not burn away completely but the wick goes deeper into the candle.
~Wax melts give off more fragrance and are ideal for larger spaces. Should you want to enjoy the scent for a while use wax melts and not a scented candle.

* pooling: letting the wax burn up evenly to the edge of the glass
* tunneling: due to a short burn time, the wax does not get time to melt and only the core is burned up, therefore the candle is not used optimally and residue is left behind.

– Use a wick trimmer(wick cutter) to cut the wick regularly (generally 0.3 cm from the wax, varies by jar size though), with this you will get to almost the bottom and the piece will not fall the wax.
– Use a candle duster to extinguish the candle. This keeps it smoke-free and prevents soot particles from being blown into the wax.

Finished with the candle?
– Make sure the wax does not burn up further than an inch from the ground. Heat can cause the jar to burst. You can easily remove the rest of the candle by heating it in a kettle with hot water and then pouring it into a bowl in liquid form. After drying, the wax can be cut into small cubes and reused in the fragrance burner.

Tips for wax melts:
– half a cube is enough for the entire evening.
Because a candle is regularly turned on and off, the burning period will last longer.
This will make the wax less likely to melt and burn up.
– The wax bars come in a resealable container and weigh approximately 73 grams.
Burning time of the bridgewater wax bars is plus minus 100 hours. But let’s be honest, paper is patient. In testing, I get to 80 hours. also already neat!

Fragrance Oil:
The fragrance oil is not only suitable for the fragrance burners but it can also be used in the electric air purifiers or the electric fragrance evaporators/diffusers.
– For both, with just a few drops in the water, you can enjoy yourself.
– You can also put a little fragrance oil on potpourri. These are dried plant parts that can be used as air fresheners.
NOTE: fragrance oil is not suitable for our metal fragrance burners. Water/oil mixing can cause the paint to come off. This one can still be used, but will look less attractive.

Fragrance burners
are used for wax melts and fragrance oils.

Using a fragrance burner
First, put a piece of the wax bar on the fragrance burner (photo 1). Then light the tea light (photo 2).
Once the wax melt begins to melt, the scent will slowly spread (photo 3).
Blow out the candle the wax will slowly solidify again (photo 4)

burning process

After a few minutes, you will begin to smell the fragrance.
However, you can also do this with fragrance oil. Fill the fragrance burner slightly with water and add a few drops of fragrance oil.
Next, light the tea light.
Once the water gets warm, the smell will start to spread. The disadvantage of fragrance oil is that the water will evaporate completely.
Keep a close eye on the fragrance burner so that it does not burn without liquid.
You just refill a little water again and put in a few drops of fragrance oil again.

No water is needed to use a wax melt because only the scent evaporates, not the wax/wax.
Should the smell diminish, you can put in another cube. Therefore, using wax bars is safer as fragrance oils.

How do I clean the fragrance burner?
Light the tea light briefly, until the wax releases from the fragrance burner,
you can recognize this right away because the edge of the clot becomes liquid. Push out the wax with your fingers.
Cleaning is done with a dry cloth. The advice is not to do this with a sponge or water if the fragrance burner is not glazed.
Some parts on scented burners may not be fully glazed and thus may soak up water.
When burning the wax, there is a risk of splattering as they melt.
The scented burners you buy at Linterieur are all glazed!

– Can’t get the last bit of wax or oil out? Put cotton wool in it so that the whole thing soaks up.

Tip for amber cubes
if you want to use them for the fragrance burner it is recommended to burn a piece of candle with them. A piece of a tea light will do. Because there is no wax in the amber cubes, they can smoke and possibly affect the surface of the fragrance burner. In some cases this may occur, therefore it is desirable to add it.
Should you wish to simply place the amber cube in a bowl and find over time that the scent wanes. Then use the grater to scrape off particles. This will release fragrance again, you can put the particles in a fragrance burner or in the vacuum cleaner bag…anything goes!

Tip for outlet scent burners:
If the fragrance burner is hanging a little loose in the socket, you can stick an anti-scratch felt (those used for under furniture) under the plug, for example.


Soothing scents: lavender, chamomile, vanilla, peppermint, thyme and orange, but vanilla also gives a warm and safe feeling.
Citrus: a happy feeling
Flowers: a calm, positive and romantic feeling.

Scents that give a cozy, welcoming and sense of belonging are: coffee, bread, spices and freshly baked cookies
Fruit: energizing, stimulating feeling
Wood: gives a calm and relaxed feeling
Jasmine: a relaxing and soothing feeling
Cinnamon: a warm, relaxed feeling
Mint: a refreshing feeling.

And even more … a scent can make or break your space. A sophisticated statement, but true. If you go somewhere and it doesn’t smell good, you won’t visit a second time. A room that smells great will be visited more often because this is again a feeling issue, you will feel good there.
Moreover, it is often the case that people don’t smell their own scent very well anymore, that’s simply because the scent is stored in the brain so much that they are used to it. The simple tip is to vary the scents. For example, using fresh, floral scents in spring or summer and the smell of cinnamon in winter.

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