Since the 19th century, Marseille’s natural soap has been made according to the ancient recipe: natural oil, soda and salt.


Why was this soap made in Provence? Because there was a surplus of these raw materials. Marseille soap is not Marseille soap if it contains other ingredients. Savon de Marseille: The soap is made in the Marseille region. The soap is made by the traditional saponification process. Only vegetable oils are used as an ingredient. No dyes, fragrances, or preservatives are added to the soap.

Grand Mère de Savon

These are the same Marseille soaps made using a different method. The soap is poured into molds and left in molds until cured. Due to this drying process, the discs can bend, making each disc unique.

Savon Marseille is available with palm oil or olive oil. Marseille soap is not a brand, but comes from the place and the surroundings of Marseille.


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