Linterieur sells natural wreaths, artificial wreaths and wreaths that I make myself so that you have a unique item!


The wreaths in the shop can have different shapes, often they are round, but there are also square, heart-shaped, oval, you name it. For hanging or nice to put on the table, there are countless examples.
The natural ones are basic, you can make a decorative wreath yourself or keep it pure. The art wreaths speak for themselves. If you are not that creative and would rather buy it ready-made, then I refer you to the handmade wreaths that can only be purchased at Linterieur.

Season wreaths and meaning

Easter, an Easter wreath symbolizes the cycle of the year and the greeting of spring.
In short, Advent means welcoming God who comes to Christians in his son Jesus Christ.
This also stands for 4 weeks of Christmas preparation.
Christmas, a wreath with a round shape, no beginning and no end, the symbol of eternity.

How are wreaths attached?

If the wreath has to be hung in the living room on the wall, then the wreath could be clamped to the nail, if this doesn’t work it can be attached with a string that goes through the wreath. Some wreaths have standard rings with which you can hang them.


Combine a wreath with a candle in the middle, ensuring that this is safe.
A wreath that is hung can be combined with all kinds of other pendants. For example a heart in the middle or a nice angel.

What is the material of the wreath?

That depends on which one you choose. The wreaths that are decorated by myself have a basis of reeds.
The seasonal ones are mainly of straw with decoration.
The wreaths that are offered purely are made of wood, for example willow, driftwood, birch, etc.


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