Led lighting

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LED lighting is available in many variations, such as streamers, lamps, lanterns, in paintings, pure and decorated and so on.
At Linterieur you can find some species of it. The LED signs with sayings and LED lighting, garlands and lanterns.


If you want to make wreaths yourself, buy a LED light garland and wind it around. Beautiful effect and the battery holder can be easily hidden in the wreath. In the section Wreaths, which I made myself, you will find some examples.

What is LED?

LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. A Dutch-translated light-emitting diode. Led is an electronic semiconductor device that is constructed as a diode and radiates light in the passage direction when passing current.
This can be visible light in different colors, but also infrared radiation or ultraviolet radiation. After its invention in 1962, LEDs were used only as an indicator light and for signal transmission.
As a result of technological improvements, the light output increased and at the end of the 1990s LEDs could be produced which were suitable as light sources for normal daily use. As a rule, an LED is installed in a small transparent housing of a few millimeters in size, which also serves as a lens. (Source Wikipedia)