Bamboo cloth

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These bamboo cloths are made from cut-off cloths. The leftover bamboo and organic cotton would be thrown away as waste, but instead we reuse it into these super soft, extra thick cloths – Reused and loved!

MADE IN THE UK: The cloths are manufactured in Lancashire, England.

ECO-FRIENDLY: The cloths are made from natural, non-plastic materials that are biodegradable, unlike your microfiber cloths or plastic sponges that will last years in the landfill.

MULTIPLE USE: The cloths are super soft and super absorbent. Ideal for wiping tables, kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and for you too!

NO MORE MICRO-PLASTICS: The bamboo and organic cotton cloths do not leave traces of micro-plastics in your waste water.

Color pink

CARE: Your cloth can be washed again and again. For best results, wash on a cool cycle to prevent shrinkage

Each canvas is 24 x 24 cm (sizes may vary slightly as these are made from cut pieces)

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