Candle Warmers electric fragrance burner PEWTER WALNUT 2 in 1

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2-in-1 classic fragrance burner “PEWTER WALNUT”

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2-in-1 classic fragrance burner “PEWTER WALNUT”
This electric fragrance lamp impresses with its walnut-colored base and bronze-colored basin.
The bowl is removable and suitable for scented washing. Small scented candle slides up to about 260g can be placed on the heating plate underneath. You can also place large glasses with about 3-4 cm of wax residue on the heating plate.

2-in-1 Classic scented lamps have a versatile design Enjoy safe and clean scented waxes and scented candles with Candle Warmers scented lamps:
– without open flame
– without soot
– without smoke or the release of other pollutants Elegant living atmosphere is the focus of every product from Candle Warmers Etc.
Color: walnut brown / bronze
Material: reactive ceramic
Size: 9 x 12 cm 20 watt heating plate Electric control with on/off switch Delivery is in a nice gift box EU plug

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