Candle warmers electric fragrance burner willow

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Color white
Material: ceramic
Size: 13 cm

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Flip Dish fragrance lamp WILLOW for soy wax

The motif of this scented lamp is an embossed willow branch on a white reactive glaze.

The flexible silicone tray easily releases cooled wax, making changing wax a breeze!
The silicone container is easy to clean and malleable so you can just squeeze the wax out.
The fragrance lamp consists of a silicone shell that sits on a heating plate, so no replacement bulbs are needed.
It also has an indicator light that shows when the heater is on.

Enjoy safe and clean scented waxes and scented candles with Candle Warmers scented lamps:

– without open flame
– without soot
– without smoke or the release of other harmful substances

Elegant living atmosphere is the focus of every product from Candle Warmers Etc.

Color white
Material: reactive ceramic
Size 13 cm
11 watt hob

ideal for soy wax
Electric control with on/off switch
Supplied in an attractive gift box

EU plug



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