Good morning scented candle

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The coffee scent is a wonderfully prominent scent associated with coffee bean. The coffee aroma becomes most pronounced when your candle starts to burn, then it fills your room with light undertones of milk notes, tonka and cinnamon. The formulation incorporates a beautiful aftertaste of vanilla pods, musk and creamy amber. So a rich and powerful coffee scent!

The wooden wick provides a sleek and modern look, together with the soft crackling sound.


The scented candles not only burn beautifully, but retain their wonderful scent until the end.
Are vegan friendly, not tested on animals, CMR and Phthalate free.
High quality and specially designed with excellent scent release, the wonderful scent continues to emit even when it is not burning.
The candles are made traditionally, hand cast.

Burning time: 40-45 hours
Dimensions: 80 mm high | 90mm wide | diameter: 60mm
Colour White


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