Silicone holder for wax melts

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Easy to clean and use

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Make changing scents a breeze with our reusable silicone bowls.
Our flip dish can be placed in the warming bowl of one of our scent warmers to make changing scents quick and easy.
The scented wax can be added directly into the bowl. When the smell is gone, simply let the wax cool in the bowl, then turn it over and squeeze out the wax. Once rinsed and dried, the bowl is ready for a new scent.
If you want to replace the wax before the smell is gone, the cool wax removed from the bowl can be covered and stored in a cool, dry place for later use.

Easy to clean and use
Suitable for all electric candle warmers scent lamps
(Except sockets and medium-sized scent lamps)
Inexpensive, eco-friendly solution for frequently changing odors


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